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We mixes Neurobiology, Cognitive Psychology and Deep Learning to understand human behavior in digital & physical environments.

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About us

We are focused on people and daily needs, we are looking for humanize the technology.

This approach cover a range of applications, from Human-Computer Interaction (HCI, affective Computing, Virtual Reality, Physical Computing, User Experience) to Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), including social research in public and private spaces.

Our system is a complement for User-Emotion Analysis, the research framework developed by Posmo CX Consulting & Research that allow to research teams to understand the behavioral patterns of their users into a digital and analog services.

We help to understand the emotional impact through evidence-based analysis for advertising media, booking processes, loyalty programs or virtual reality applications.

USEM in dvertising Media

Advertising Media

Just one day of analysis to discover the kind of emotions that your advertising campaign aroused.

USEM in Emotional Journey Mapping

Emotional Journey Mapping

Improve the experience of your customers with your products or services, understanding their emotions.

USEM in User Interface Design (UI)

User Interface Design (UI)

Discover the emotions behind your user interface (UI) with real user testing (UT).

USEM in Online Transactions

Online Transactions

Discover the signs that generate mistrust and decrease conversion in your ecommerce.

USEM in UX Research

UX Research

Add to your A/B testings, 5 second testing and user testings the emotional biological responses of your users in each interaction.

USEM in Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Discover the emotions that awakens your experience in virtual reality by adding EEG and EKG.

Understand your users:
Measure the emotions that your products evoke in them!

Our software applies a Neurobiology principle to identify unconscious user's responses, allowing the identification of human behavior patterns when interacting with a product or service.

We have been in the market for 3 years helping companies to improve their experiences. We has been exhibited at international conferences, being recognized and validated in each country where it has been presented.
You can see the presentations here.

2016 - DEC. IDF Madrid (ES):
Neuroscience in User Research. Understanding human with facial emotion recognition, biosensors & eyetracking
2016 - DEC. IDF Buenos Aires (AR):
UX, Psychology and Neuroscience. Research on human Behaviour
2016 - NOV. ISA16 by IXDA Stgo (CL):
UX Emotion and Environments in Virtual Reality. A view to the responsibilities of the future
2016 - OCT. CXDAY Chile by CXPA, IDF Stgo & TID Chile (CL):
Interaction patterns. The value of emotion in decision making
2016 - MAY. SinergiaUX by IDF Stgo + TID Chile (CL):
Design for Emotion. Models and Techniques for Measuring Emotions
2015 - NOV. ISA15 by IXDA Cordova (AR):
User-Emotion Analysis. Midiendo los estados emocionales biológicos y cognitivos de los usuarios en ambientes controlados